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How to Perfect a Living Room Design with Turkish Rugs



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How to Perfect a Living Room Design with Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are one of the common room accessories used in home decors. Its contribution in springing life on designs dates back to the classic interior designs related to the roaring twenties. But exactly how effective Turkish rugs are in designing, and how can they perfect a living room design? Read this article to find out more.



Long, slim, rectangular rugs can look inappropriate in spacious areas such as an open living room. Where this shape would best fit, however, is at hallways and important passages. The length of the rugs helps create a visual path that directs and guides towards an area of interest.

Hanging Rugs


Rugs with godly designs are not worth trampling and stepping on; displaying them would be a better choice. As such, Turkish rugs can pique anyone’s aesthetic cravings when properly hung and showcased. It also absorbs the noise that lessens unnecessary reverbs.


However, before anyone can hang their rugs as suggested, it’s important to know whether they fit the desired overall tone. Homeowners can go to an interior designer for consultation, or they study the trade itself.

Many institutions and websites offer many courses in the field. By taking up an interior design course, household owners can drastically reduce the costs of their aesthetic expenses within their homes. The insights and learning gained can help become a driving entrepreneurial idea for them as well.


Use of Smaller Rugs


The use of smaller Turkish rugs is more applicable than a feet rug in bedrooms and study desks. But not everyone knows that they can also apply the same concept in living rooms.


For instance, seat furniture that bears significance through sentiments or by a user also opts for a foot rug. This adds another depth of emotion aside from its obvious aesthetic purpose.


Layering Rugs


If the homeowner’s goal is to emphasize the beauty of the rug despite its small size, here’s one tip to do that. Take the vibrant Turkish rug and layer it over a larger rug with a neutral color. The contrast of the larger rugs will direct all focus to the vibrant rug.


Complementing Wall Colour


Applying the same concept of contrast, if a rug is enough to cover most of the living room, don’t use white as the color for the wall. Chances are, there will be an overemphasis on the rug in terms of scalar design. Instead, compliment the rug’s energy with the richer wall color.


Neutral Colored Furniture


Another tip for creating contrast in the living room is by using non-striking colors for furniture. Take note that both the walls and the carpet emit bold energy for the living room. The contrast also gives the eyes a place to rest with all of the vibrancy going on.


Foot Traffic


Foot traffic is an area where it’s a hotspot for walking and movement within the house. Normally, designers do not recommend placing a rug on those areas as the rugs will pick all kinds of dirt. But if the situation calls for it to be inevitable, a Turkish rug with a messy pattern will distract any attention to these acquired flaws.


Resilient Natural Fibers


When opting for the type of material used in the rug, always opt for the natural fibers. Natural fibers are resilient to tears and damages, unlike their synthetic counterparts. When woven, fibers like polyesters and even nylon will disintegrate faster compared to silk and wool.


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